The herpetofauna of Mountains of Tanzania

Nectophrynoides cryptus , Perret, 1971



Holotype: MCZ 12480, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.

type locality

Nyingwa, Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania

recorded localities

Uluguru, Uluguru north, Uluguru south,

Habitat and Ecology

The type series was collected in forest, secondary forest, banana cultivation and bamboo. From this information, it seems that it can tolerate a degree of habitat disturbance, but probably not the complete opening of its habitat that has taken place in some parts of the Ulugurus. It is ovoviviparous, with internal fertilization, the females retaining the larvae internally in the oviduct until the birth of the toadlets.


Major Threats

Conservation measures

It occurs in the Uluguru North Forest Reserve, but this area is not generally managed for biodiversity conservation. Improved management of this reserve, and the protection of other remaining forest habitat in the Ulugurus, is necessary.

It is listed on CITES Appendix I.


Description and Diagnosis

A small thin toad (SVL < 34mm) with a pointed snout. Tympanum is not visible, although there is an indentation in that region. The first finger is shorter than the second. The toe and finger tips are not expanded. There is a moderate amount of webbing on the toes and fingers. Parotid glands are located in the scapular region.

Call and Calling bahaviour


mp3 of the call

mp3 of the call

sonagram of the call

Similar species

This species has more extensive webbing than other species in the genus that occur in the Uluguru Mountains.


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author of the species account

Fabio Pupin, Elena Tonelli